Creative Flower
Claire is an American doodle artist from South Africa via England. Claire-ly Creative™️ is a lifestyle brand that tells a very personal story of a journey to inspire Compassion, Love, Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility and Empathy through creativity. Claire aspires to leave a trail of positive footprints through her doodles and hopes that her passion will inspire others to create the life of their imaginings.

The story of Claire-ly Creative began in 2018. Claire’s love of color is expressed through art, a way to visually represent herstory- one in
which she moved from living in darkness to flourishing in vibrant technicolor. Backed by advanced degrees in Social Work and Public Health, Claire has no formal training in design, marketing, business or retail. Claire decided to take a leap of faith by learning an entirely new trade at 47 years young.

A portion of profits are donated to various charitable organizations that advocate and champion mental health care, well-being and awareness. Together we can make the world a better place as we celebrate a colorful life one happy doodle at a time!®️

All images are hand drawn using acrylic paints and markers on canvas that serve as the template from which clothing, apparel, accessories, shoes and more are designed and brought to life.
You are invited to share any inquiries or comments. Custom work upon request.